Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my caravan serviced and where do I take it?

Recommended first service is 1500km or 3 months, whichever comes first. Thereafter it is every 10,000km or 12 months. Any certified caravan repair centre in Australia is considered suitable to undertake the servicing of the van.

What is the warranty on a new caravan?

The caravan and general build quality is covered by the manufacturers 2 year warranty. All appliances come with varying warranty durations. A list of these can be found in the folder provided each new caravan. The warranty takes effect from the date of purchase.

Before any warranty work is performed a claim must be emailed to

What does the grey Anderson plug do?

The grey Anderson plug charges the battery whilst driving. If your new caravan is fitted with a compressor fridge this will also keep the fridge in operation off the battery. All our vans are equipped with a 12 pin flat trailer plug. You can download a copy of the Wiring diagram here

Are all your caravans Australian made?

Yes, our entire range is manufactured here in Melbourne and are 100% Australian made.

Will I be shown how to operate and use my new caravan?

Yes, we pride ourselves in giving informative handovers. There is no time limit and is done at a pace that suits each individual.

How does registration work?

We provide all our Victorian buyers with 12 months registration on the purchase of a new van. For our interstate buyers we can either provide a travel permit which allows you to town the van home legally and thereafter have it registered in your state, or alternatively interstate buyers can provide a Victorian client ID. For more information please contact us.

Why are your vans so cheap?

We are not like other caravan dealers and albeit there are multiple answers to this question the best example is we want to see as many people caravanning as possible and this is done through our realistic pricing. We could go on but should you ask anybody who has dealt with Just Caravans then they will surely be happy to elaborate.

How long has the Just Caravans range been around?

Just Caravans was officially established in March 2017.  Fast forward to this point in time and we have exceeded expectations although we were confident from the beginning that we had a recipe for success. Our unique designs and core values lead us to believe we can continue to etch our name amongst the other leading brands. The fact that we do not mass produce and custom build allows us to monitor quality control which enables us to provide a superior luxury item at a competitive price. Customer sales and satisfaction tell us what we need to know!

Why should we buy from you?

Unlike others our approach is more personal and we take the family aspect of this into consideration when we conduct our business. We are upfront and still believe in the old “Gentlemen’s Handshake Agreement” – this rubbed off on us from the late Merv Weston who was renowned for this trait. We understand customer service plays a pivotal role and in that we pride ourselves. Read our genuine 5-star customer reviews to see what we are talking about.

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